Spring Elements

TROMBIK Spring Elements for High and Highest Loads

TROMBIK Spring Elements are applied as vibration isolation devices / spring suspension for machines, equipments, buildings and railroads by a system of springs. Two different categories have to be separated: source isolation of machines and installations (e.g. elastic support of turbines, condensers, feed pumps, sledge hammer and presses) and receiver isolation as protection for delicate machines and installations, against all kind of vibrations including earthquakes.


High Accuracy Spring Elements

Trombik Engineers Ltd. produces a complete range of high accuracy spring supports for high and highest loads is available. These height-adjustable TROMBIK Spring elements have been enhanced and optimised based on long experience and can be applied to all load areas and purposes.


Revision and Maintenance Work

TROMBIK Spring Elements are high quality products and are insensitive against external influences. They are often used in accordance with long term operation machine units, so periodical revision and maintenance work on the Spring Elements have to be carried out. By checking and overhauling the functionality, the vibration-isolation between the machine foundation and the substructure can be granted. At the same time the spring load distribution will be equalised and if necessary deformations of the foundation table can be readjusted.


Spring Elements

Patent: Spring Elements