The system SPRINGLIFT is an effective, modern and versatile applicable area-supporting-system, mainly for machine types of middle weights and railroads / trams. It is based on multiple spring elements cast into secondary slab. By this, large areas can be decoupled (typical application: high sensitive installations or workshop having several / changeable machines). The advantages are: easy to build, ideal vibration isolation, accessibility / adjustability of the spring elements (control / replacement), long term resistance.


Selection of projects with the SPRINGLIFT System (German):

2011:  Federgelagerte Betondecken für hochpräzisen Messmaschinen der FISBA Optik AG in St.Gallen, Schweiz

1991:  Federgelagerte Betondecken für Stanzmachinen und Pressen für ein Uhrenfabrikationsgebäude der ROLEX AG in Biel, Schweiz